My passion for making furniture and home goods grew while I was staying home with my two young sons.  When the Gentleman (my four year old) and the Outlaw (my two year old) were napping I went looking for a creative outlet...and The Shed was born!  It seems quite fitting.  During a previous career as a television broadcaster I always liked to say "everyone has a story to tell".  I believe the same is true with vintage pieces and wood.  Whether it's a downed tree, barn wood or reclaimed lumber, each piece holds a story.  I hate to see that wasted, so I rescue items and make them useful and beautiful again.  A special thanks to my parents, both talented craftsmen, who I consult on a regular (annoyingly frequent) basis.  And to my husband, I'm sorry for using your tools and never putting them back.

(Photo Credit: my 4-year old)

The Shed -- a mix of handmade furniture, home goods and vintage finds.  Custom orders available.  And, if you need rentals (stump tables, centerpieces, etc.) for a wedding or event, we do that too!